About Us


JSC UES Sakrusenergo was founded in 1996 on the basis of a joint decision of the Georgian government and the Unified Energy System of Russia. The shareholders of the JSC are the Georgian State, represented with the Georgian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System of Russia (FGS UES).

Supreme management body of the JSC is the council of shareholders. JSC has a supervisory board. JSC Sakrusenergo is governed and administrated by the Director General.

JSC UES Sakrusenergo owns and operates 500kV, 330kV and 220kV electricity transmission lines, including:

  • Kavkasioni, 500kV power line, operating in parallel regime with Russian energy system and transmission capacity 600 MW. Kavkasioni is connecting substations of Enguri hydropower and Centralnaya. The overall length of the line is 405km; the line launched operation in 1984;
  • Gardabani, 330kV power line, and Mukhrani Veli, 500 kV power line, operating in parallel regime with the energy system of Azerbaijan, transmission capacity up to 900MW. Gardabani, 330kV line, and Mukhrani Veli, 500 kV line, are connected from Gardabani substation to Aghstaph and Samukh substations. Power line Gardabani launched operation in 1958 and Mukhrani Veli – 1987;
  • Adjara, 220kV power line, transmission capacity 150MW with Turkey in a critical regime. Adjara line is connected substations Batumi-220 and Khopa, it launched operation in 1979;
  • Under the ten-year plan regarding the development of Georgian electricity transmission system, a task was given to the JSC UES Sakrusenergo to construct and operate Marneuli-Airum and Stephantsminda-Mozdok transmission lines (500kV) connecting energy systems of Georgia and Armenia. The length of Marneuli-Airum power line on Georgian territory will comprise 37km, it will include the existing section from Marneuli-500 substation to N42 tower of Mukhrani and a new section of 18km length on Georgian-Armenian border (the distance from Georgian-Armenian border to Airum substation comprise 10km). As for the power line Stephantsminda-Mozdok 500kV – it may become the alternative of Kavkasioni 500kV transmission line, its length will comprise 130km. After the implementation of the above-mentioned projects, transmission of about 1000MW will become possible from Russian to Armenia and Iran via Georgia (and visa-versa). Marneuli-Airum, 500kV power line, will proceed the transit line Mozdok-Kazbegi-Ksani that will guarantee the stability and the safety of Georgian energy system as well as increase the reliability of transmission capacity between Russia-Georgia and Armenia-Iran.

The electricity transmission lines between the neighbor states give an opportunity to export excess energy produced in Georgia in summer and to supply the deficiency in energy system in winter.

The company also owns local system power lines:

  • Imereti, 500kV power line, transmitting electricity generated and accumulated in Enguri through the substation Zestephoni-500 to East of Georgia and for the export as well. It launched operation in 1978 together with Enguri HPP. Its length comprises 128km, limit load – 900MW;
  • Kartli-1, 500kV power line, connecting the substations: Ksani-500 and Gardabani-500. It launched operation in 1968. Its length comprises 91km, limit load – 850MW;
  • Kartli-2, 500kV power line, connecting the substations: Zestaphoni-500 and Ksani-500. It launched operation in 1968. Its length comprises 164km, limit load – 850MW;
  • Asureti, 500kV power line, it is section of Mukhrani from substation Ksani-500 and Marneuli-500. It launched operation in 2016. Its length comprises 56km, limit load – 600MW;

The basic direction of the JSC UES Sakrusenergo is to maintain power lines in a working condition that permanently requires different prophylactic, reconstruction, repair and restoration activities from the side of the company.

Four exploitation-repair sections (Tsalenjikha, Zestaphoni, Khashuri and Tbilisi) operating in different regions of Georgia perform exploitation of the electricity transmission lines on the territory of Georgia. Karachay branch office of Sakrusenergo performs exploitation of the section of Kavkasioni (500kV) on the territory of Russian Federation. The branch office is divided into sections of Maykop and Karachev. The qualified personnel are employed in the local offices and they are equipped with the vehicles and mechanisms required for serving the power lines.  The overall length of the electricity transmission lines owned by the company comprises 908km, including 603 of the line – on the territory of Georgia.

More than 250 people are employed in the company.

The auto park of the company has been significantly renewed, special vehicles were also added; they have been applied for dealing with the problems caused with natural disaster as well. The company is always ready to make its contribution and take part in any problematic activities with its personnel and vehicles.

The employees of the company actively participate in sport activities as well. Last year Sakrusenergo won the championship in mini football between the energy companies.

It should be noted that JSC UES Sakrusenergo was operating in the leased building till 2017 and the base of the company was also located on the leased territory, including the office of logistics and transport, Exploitation-Repair office of Tbilisi, special vehicles and materials. On the basis of the log-term agreement on leasing concluded with the ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, a plot of 7500 m2  was transferred to the company in Gldani district, Mark Bronshtein str. N1, Tbilisi. The office and the base were constructed on the mentioned territory and it launched operation in 2017.

Nowadays the power lines owned by the JSC UES Sakrusenergo are operating in a technically proper condition. The company is ready to eradicate any problems and defects posed with natural disaster or any type of accidents; the employees of the company are always ready in any kind of weather and at any time to ensure the safety and reliability of energy system.