Method of rope suspension bracket

Transmission line 500KV. “Kavkasioni”, which connects power systems of Georgia and Russia, represents a unique technical construction; its route passes through difficult relief conditions and crosses a lot of landslide and avalanche zones, which are on northern and southern slopes of the main Caucasian ridge.
Analysis of long-term observation and the gained experience show, that the most unreliable sites on transmission line 500KV. “Kavkasioni” are the sites located on slopes of gorge of the rivers Klichi and Makhar. The serious damages (destruction of tower, abruption of wires and others) took place on this 20 km. section, since the commencement of the line.
In order to avoid similar damages of 500KV. «Kavkasioni», the first deputy director general of the joint-stock company “Sakrusenergo” Mr. Sh. Maisuradze, offered the following decision: To use a method of rope suspension bracket, instead of the metal towers #224 and #225 (demolished by avalanche) on some sites of a southern slope of the main Caucasian ridge.
Suspension bracket provided for building of the rope bridge (length more than 1000 meters) in high-mountainous conditions and hanging transmission line,s wires on it. As it was mentioned, above specified project has been developed and carried out in 2005 under the direction of Mr. Sh. Maisuradze and to this day works without any flaws.
In 2006 design, civil and construction works on other sites (area of a tower #220) continued and were completed in September, 2007. On this site other method of wire suspension bracket was used. In particular, bearing ropes are suspended on heads, which are in turn fixed by anchor bolts on a slope of a rocky ground, i.e. without application of the rope bridge.
In the avalanche dangerous zones for reliable operation of the line the various methods were applied up till now, implementation of which requires significant capital investments and technical difficulties. It is necessary to notice, that these methods are not effective and does not provide safe operation of lines.
Application of the given method of the wires suspension bracket of 500KV. transmission line in high-mountainous conditions has no alternative and consequently its wide introduction and adaptation will bring the big technical and economic effect.