According to ten year development plan of transmission lines (approved by the Georgian government) JSC UES Sakrusenergo connected the space between 500kV transmission line Mukhrani’s N110-N280  towers with substation Marneuli 500. This new transmission line, which connected Ksani 500 & Marneuli 500 was called Assureti, and its total length is 56km. The new transmission line is stretched on Didgori ridge, in difficult terrain and meteorological area, which is why there were frequent emergency shut downs. During the winter period there were cased by the snow and in spring by the strong winds.

Based on above mentioned the decision was made to update P2 type power towers, located in the hard area. Namely: N260, N262 & N263 towers, hanging the middle phase wires of the towers by performing the V-shape performance of the garlands and by the hanging the loads on the border phases. The mentioned works were planned and implemented in 2018. During this time, the sloping rails were repaired and the deformed reinforced concrete masts were replaced with metal ones.