On the basis of agreement signed on May 27, 1996 between Georgian Government and Joint Stock Company “United Russian Energy System” on cooperation in energetics, the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO was founded.

By the time the company was formed, a lot of problems were accumulated: power transmission lines were in the critical condition, material & technical base was destroyed, financial situation was catastrophic, no planner repair of preventive works was carried out for years, almost all lines were looted and required restoration. Some of the towers were in landslide, wind and avalanche danger zones, which required reinforcement and other works, in some areas to change the profile of the line route. All above mention put a heavy burden on a country’s meager economy. After the foundation of JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO short and long-term rehabilitation plans for 500, 330 & 200KW transmission lines were elaborated and intensive works for implementation took place. Operative-repair units were set-up, stuffed with qualified personnel and modern equipment. Complex and large-scale works were conducted in the limited period of time.

First of all, the connecting lines with Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russian energy systems were restored and modernized. As a result, emergency shut downs of the transmission lines were minimized and the system started to operate properly. The system started to perform its main function, uninterrupted supply of the electricity to the customers.

Today, the rehabilitation & restoration works are held on the regular basis, the lines are exploited by the several qualified exploitation units (Tbilisi, Khashuri, Zestafoni an Tsalenjikha) as well as branches on the Russian soil – Kharachai branch. All branches are staffed with highly qualified staff and equipped with modern equipment and special machinery. In order to fulfill main goal, the auto-park of the exploitation teams was renewed. It should be mentioned, that these machineries, except rehabilitation works were also successfully used in the elimination of the challenges caused by the natural disasters.

According to the 2019-2029 development plan, JSC SAKRUSENERGO should perform following works:

Among the projects conducted by the company in the last years, the rehabilitation of the 330KW transmission line “Gardabani-Agstafa” should be mentioned. Despite the difficult pandemic situation, the company managed to connect double-circuit transmission line on Georgia-Azerbaijan border. In order to achieve above mentioned two towers were installed in village of Kapanaghchi. This project significantly increased the reliability of the transmission lines owned by the company.

In case of natural disasters or any other force-major situation the company is ready to eliminate the problems in the shortest possible time, for which the staff is constantly ready in order to ensure the continuity, safety and reliability of the power system.

The stakeholders of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO are: Georgian Government, which holds the 50% of shares, and Joint Stock Company “United Russian Energy System” (ПАО «ФСК ЕЭС»), which also owns 50% of the shares.