In August, 2018, while being KAVKASIONI under repair (08.08.18-31.08.18), the following rehabilitation operations were performed on the section in Kodori Gorge: the replacement of the damaged insulators and conductors, cutting down activities. Later, till the end of October, the robbed towers were restored, the roads to towers and irrigation systems were also rehabilitated.

      It was planned to reinforce the foundations of the angular tower N219 with the crush stone bank as due to the natural disaster, river Adjaphara, the right tributary of the river Klich, changed its bed and it was washing down the two fundaments of the phase A of the tower N219. After a certain period of time the river Adjaphara returned to the old bed and the distance to the A phase foundations of tower N219 comprised 250m. Despite the mentioned fact there still was a threat of basement falling down as there was a vertically cut ground of 5m height near the foundation. It could be dropped down by the rains and it could result in tower damage.

      Considering the above mentioned we decided to reinforce the A phase foundation of tower N219 with the arrangement of gabion. The engineering-geological survey was conducted on the site. The Design and Construction Group of JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO has worked out a project. The contractor company New Metal-Georgia Ltd. performed the rehabilitation operations on the section of electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI in Kodori Gorge.