Joint Stock Company United Energy System SAKRUSENERGO (further JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO) was established on May 27, 1996, under the agreement concluded on cooperation in the field of energy between the government of Georgia and JSC Russian United Energy System (РАО “ЕЭС Россия”).

The shareholders of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO are: the state of Georgia with the 50% of shares, represented by the ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, and Public Joint Stock Company “Federal Grid Company of United Energy System” (ПАО «ФСК ЕЭС») with the 50% of shares, Russian Federation.

The supreme management body of the company is the General Meeting of shareholders. The Joint Stock Company has a supervisory board. Director General is managing the company.

JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO is holding and operating electricity transmission lines of 500kV, 330 kV and 220kV, including transmission lines –500kV KAVKASIONI , connecting the energy systems of Georgia and Russian Federation, 500kV Mukhrani Valley  and 330kV Gardabani , connecting the energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan, the transmission line connecting the energy systems of Georgia and Turkey – 220kV Adjara ; Besides, the transmission lines of internal energy system of 500kV: Imereti, Kartli-1, Kartli -2, Mukhrani and Asureti.

The tasks and the goals of the company:

  • Maintenance and safe operation of the electricity transmission lines owned by the company;
  • Uninterrupted power supply, including transit one;
  • Supporting the operation of Georgian energy system in a parallel regime with the systems of neighbor states;

For the implementation of the abovementioned tasks and goals, JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO is constantly carrying out necessary preventive, reconstruction, repair and restoration activities on the transmission lines owned by the company. The company is represented in the regions of Georgia with its exploitation-repair units/districts (Tbilisi, Khashuri, Zestaphoni and Tsalenjikha) and a branch office on the territory of Russian Federation – Karachay office, which is divided into the exploitation-repair districts of Maykop and Karachay.

The personnel with high qualification are employed at the districts of the company and the units are equipped with all the necessary techniques and tools of modern standards required for the proper maintenance of the transmission lines.

For the increase of the efficiency and the effective operation of the company in the process of rehabilitation of the transmission lines, the JSC has significantly upgraded special auto park and purchased some new techniques, including heavy techniques; besides the planned rehabilitation activities, the techniques were also applied for the liquidation of the problems caused with natural disasters occurred in the country.

It should be mentioned that besides the construction of new lines, relevant development of transmission line system will be required in the nearest future; it refers not only the lines connecting with neighbor states but the transmission lines operating on the territory of Georgia as well. The process requires the construction of new electricity transmission lines as well as the modernization of the acting ones.

According to the 10-year development plan approved by the government of Georgia, JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO connected the transmission line Mukhrani 500 kV to the substation Marneuli – 500 in 2016. The length of the mentioned transmission line comprises 56km and it was called Asureti. The transmission line is connecting the substations Ksani -500 and Marneuli-500.

Under the 10-year development plan, the projects to be implemented by the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO in 2019-2029:

  • Construction of a new transmission line connecting the energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan, the double-circuit line “Gardabani 1,2” 330 kV;
  • Construction of Marneuli-Airum 500kV, from the tower N 42 of Mukhrani 500kV to the Georgian-Armenian border;
  • Rehabilitation of Imereti 500 kV;
  • Construction of Ksani-Stephantsminda Mozdok;

Under the long-term leasing agreement concluded with the ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the plots of 7500 and 3000 square meters at M. Bronshtein str. N1, Gldani district, Tbilisi, were transferred to JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO. The office and the base were constructed for the company and it was put into operation in 2017. It should be mentioned that till 2017 the company was operating in the leased office area; Logistic and Transport Department and Tbilisi Exploitation-Repair unit of the company were functioning on the leased area as well, there were parked special techniques and a warehouse was arranged.

All the above mentioned have significantly supported the reliability of the electricity transmission lines owned by the company. JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO is ready to eliminate the problems posed with natural disasters and any type of unexpected events in the shortest period of time and employees of the company are always ready to ensure the continuity, safety and reliability of power system.