The basic subject of operation of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES is the uninterrupted power supply, including electricity transit and operation of Georgia’s energy system in parallel regime with neighbor countries. Considering the mentioned it is relevant to perform necessary prophylactic and repair activities on transmission lines owned by the company.

The process of replace of the damaged insulators and the worn line accessories, the repair of cables and conductors and other type of required repair activities are performed in accordance with the rehabilitation process of electricity transmission lines.

Special anticorrosive activities are also performed on metal towers together with the required restoration and strengthening work to maintain the stability of the tower constructions.

The process of anticorrosive operations on electricity transmission lines owned by the company is ongoing under the priorities: the first stage – electricity transmission lines (500 kV): Kartli 1, Kartli 2, Adjara (220 kV).

The following anticorrosive work is planned to be performed in 2019:

  • Metal construction of 465t will be painted on 24 towers of Kartli 1 (500 kV);
  • Metal construction of 805t will be painted on 31 towers of Kartli 2 (500 kV);
  • Metal construction of 404t will be painted on 23 towers of Imereti (500 kV);
  • Metal construction of 146t will be painted on 15 towers of Adjara (220 kV);

Under the existing data, while being under repair traverses and foots of the earth wire have been painted on  Kartli 1 and Imereti (500kV). Anticorrosive operations are ongoing on tower foots and it will be over in October, 2019.

By the end of 2019 the anticorrosive work operations will be performed on the following Electricity Transmission Lines of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES: 91 towers of Kartli 1, 149 towers of Kartli 2, 30 towers of Imereti, 34 towers of Mukhrani, 15 towers of Adjara. In total 4100 t of metal construction will be painted.

Anticorrosive work on Power Transmission Lines of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES is conducted by the contractor companies Antikori 80 Ltd and GT Service Ltd.