Changes in the management of the JSC UES  “Sakrusenergo”  – Romeo Mikautadze, Director General of the company was appointed as the deputy Minister of Energy. The company has reached a significant success while his 9 years of leadership; in particular, the vital power transmission lines owned by the company have been rehabilitated and put into proper condition, closed relations have been established  with energy companies operating in Georgia, the professionalism of the employees have been appreciated, healthy atmosphere has been created in the company, etc. All the above mentioned have encouraged the transformation of the JSC “Sakrusenergo”  into a strong and successful company, ensured secure and proper functioning of the whole energy system of Georgia. At the end of a working day Mr. Romeo held a meeting with the employees of the company, thanked them for their devoted cooperation and wished future success.

We thank Mr. Romeo for his great contribution into the process of the development of JSC “Sakrusenergo” and wish him success in his new office.