500 kV ETL “Imereti” is an internal system power transmission line and it is part of the country’s electricity supply. It was put into operation in 1978 and “connects Enguri HPP and Zestaponi-500 substation. The length of the transmission line is 128 km and includes 388 towers. The production of Enguri HPP is 3.5 billion kWh (installed capacity is 1300 MW), of which 2/3 of the generated electricity is transferred through 500 kWh “Imereti”, to which is added the amount of electricity that enters Georgia from Russia 500 kWh “Caucasus” Through. Electricity transmission from Enguri HPP to Zestaponi-500 substation is also possible through 220 kV power transmission lines, but they cannot conduct the electricity (capacity) expected in a load condition (800 MW and more) for 500 kV ETL  Imereti in case of emergency shut down. Zestafoni-500 is one of the key substations of the Georgian power system, which currently supplies 500 kWh of Caucasus and Imereti from Russia and Enguri HPP and transfers electricity to the eastern part of Georgia. The technical condition of the Imereti “Imereti” is such that despite the large-scale repair and rehabilitation works, there are weak places such as wires, which are almost exhausted due to the terms and conditions of operation. And in 2015 the OHL “Imereti” was accidentally shut down due to a failure of the cable repair clamps (Link-20). Resolving these problems requires massive replacement of wires and connections, which is very time consuming and requires the OHL to be repaired for a long time, especially before the construction of the Imereti Alternative Line is unthinkable. Some sections of the OHL “Imereti” pass through difficult geographical and environmental conditions, which has repeatedly become a threat to the sustainability of the transmission line supports (Link-21). As is was mentioned, ETL “Imereti” runs through western Georgia, near the Black Sea and is intensively oxidized by metal structures and insulators, corrosion (link-22), which is also a threat to the stability of the power line. An obstacle for the normal operation of power transmission lines (link-23) is also the illegal activities of private or legal entities under the line and in its protection zone.