In 2018, on the adjacent territory of the village Khaishi, Mestia municipality, while inspecting the transmission line KAVKASIONI, some erosion processes were noticed on the area where the leg of the B phase of the Tower N 59 (type У2+5) is located. It was posing a threat to the stability of the mentioned leg. Correspondent engineering-geological studies were carried out to define the protecting activities.

On the basis of the geological studies the signs of the penetration of surface waters were noticed on the territory adjacent to the Tower N 59 of the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI (500kV). It was posed with the atmosphere condensation and snow melting processes. All the above mentioned indicates the instability of the mentioned district from geological and engineering point of view.

Considering the increased possibility of penetration of surface waters into cracks, the activation of the processes could not be avoided and it would pose replacement of the soil from the tower N 59 to its lower terrace, to the tower N 60. The process would also involve the whole terrace of the slope where the Tower N58 of KAVKASIONI is located. As a result of the geological examination no ground waters were found on the district.

A correspondent project was designed that envisaged the arrangement of gabions to strengthen the basis of the B phase of the Tower N 59 of the transmission line KAVKASIONI. In total 270m3 protecting gabions were arranged. The rehabilitation process was launched on June 25, 2019 and it will be over by August 6.

A team of 15 workers with relevant qualification was hired to carry out the repair operation. The representatives Tsalenjikha exploitation-repair office and Transport department of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES were also involved in the activities.

As a result of the performed work the operation reliability of Georgian and Russian energy systems as well as the stability and the security of ENGURHESI aggregates will be significantly increased.