According to the head of Zestaphoni Operation-Repair office of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES the conductors in the spans N317-N318 of Imereti (500kV) and the earth wire were seemed to be stretched more than normal. The analogous problem was in 2011 as well and the conductors and earth wire were loosened after adding line accessories on the tower N 317. Before loosening the conductor, it was loaded with 110 kN power. Now the existing tension of conductors and wire was reduced with adding line accessory on the tower N 318. This time it was required to load 54kN power that is three times more than project tension of the conductors (19kN). The towers N317-N318 of Imereti (500kV) are located in Tkibuli municipality, the village Tsutskhvati, and the ground where the towers stand is likely to be moving. We plan to invite geology companies in the nearest future to study the mentioned problem and to work out the acting plan. With the support of National Dispatch Center of Georgia, electricity transmission line Imereti was under repair on June 4 and 5 and the existing problem was immediately eradicated. The employees of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES performed the clearance increase work on span N264-N265, on the territory of the village Zarati, Tskaltubo municipality. The place of hard to reach and the distance between the conductors of the phase A and ground comprised 5.7m, 27 0C temperature. The following work was performed: the clearance was increased from 5.7m to 6.7m with taking off the line accessory from the supporting garland on the tower N264. Within the mentioned period of time the broken insulators were replaced and plants/trees were cut off spans. The great volume water expenditure in the river Enguri significantly increased the production at Engurhesi and the load on Imereti was increased from 500 kV to 700 kV.  Due to the mentioned circumstances and increased temperature, the company launched the process of inspection of electricity transmission lines, thermal examination of conductors. The process will last till June 10. It must be noted that as a result of thermal inspection some problems were revealed on towers N189, N305, N341 and N363 on Imereti last year as well.