The issue of reconstruction of the transmission line GARDABANI-AGHSTAFA (300kV) in double-circuit manner (transmission line GARDABANI 300kV) owned by the company SAKRUSENERGO is envisaged in ten-year acting plan for 2019-2029 regarding the development of transmission lines in Georgia.

SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES is considered to be the holder of double-circuit transmission line “1,2 GARDABANI” (330kV) and the implementer of the mentioned project.

In connection with it, the group of Design and Construction at the company worked out design-expenditure documentation examined by the Levan Samkharauli state National Forensics Bureau in 2019. Under the project a certain section of the path of the new transmission line, between the towers N1-N17 and N54-N62, follows the existing path of the transmission line GARDABANI. On the based of the agreement reached by the Georgian State ElectroSystem, SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES and AzerEnergy JSC, the deadline for the end of the construction process and testing the new transmission line was defined September 2021.

The reconstruction of the transmission line GARDABANI with the arrangement of relevant infrastructure will increase the capacity and the reliability of synchronous operation between the energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

In March 2020, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, gave a task about the power connection of the new double-circuit transmission line “1,2 GARDABANI” (330 kV) with the existing line GARDABANI on Georgia-Azerbaijan border in the first decade of May, 2020.

The implementation of the mentioned task required the installation of the two towers N62 and N63 in the village Kapanakhchi, the adjacent territory of the Red Bridge, and the arrangement of the conductors and optic-fiber wire from the tower N 63 to N158 located on the territory of Azerbaijan, border zone.

All the necessary orders have been planned and performed on time (foundations, towers, isolation, line accessories, conductors, etc.). Despite the spread of new type of Corona Virus, the process of supply was also conducted timely without any obstacles.

The foundations and the towers were arranged in the shortest period of time. The weight of each tower comprised 32 t. Considering its weight, size and exploitation experience SAKRUSENERGO had no analog before.

The employees of the company have managed to install two towers of Y330-2+9 type and to reconnect the conductors with 12 cores of AC300/67 type in the shortest period of time and in the difficult meteorological conditions.

By May 9, 2020, the double-circuit new transmission line “1, 2 GARDABANI” (330kV) was connected with the existing transmission line GARDABANI (330kV) from the tower N62 to N3.

Andro Tskhadadze, the Exploitation and Construction manager of transmission lines of Western Georgia, was coordinating and monitoring the construction work.

Guram Javshanashvili, the deputy Transport Service of the company, was coordinating the operation of the vehicles and special techniques on the site.

Feliks Djanashia, the head of the Labor Safety office, was observing the security measures during the work. He also ensured the implementation of the recommendations regarding the basic protective measures against the spread of the new Coronavirus.

Giorgi Nadiradze, the head of the Geoinformation Systems Office and Iuri Nadiradze, the head of the Construction and Design group, were monitoring the process of selection of the sites for the arrangement of the towers N62 and N63 for the double-circuit transmission line “1, 2 GARDABANI” and the construction-installation activities.

It must be noted that the work was fully performed by the employees of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES.