In accordance with the 2020-2030 and 2021-2031 ten-years plans about the development of the electricity transmission line of Georgia, JSC SAKRUSENERGO has performed a project – Double-Chaining of the transmission line Gardabani-Aghstafa (330kV).

Under the project a new double-chain electricity transmission line has been constructed with the titles GARDABANI-1 (330kV) and GARDABANI-2(330kV).

The mentioned transmission lines replaced the existing single-chain transmission line GARDABANI (330kV) that started operation in 1958 and had exhausted its operational resource.

SAKRUSENERGO has obtained all the required permissions for the implementation of the project, purchased or registered the lands with the rights of use; the company has signed a contract with the construction company, etc.

In accordance with the contract concluded with the construction company ENERGON, the construction of double-chain line GARDABANI 1,2 (330kV) and the dismantling process of the existing transmission line GARDABANI (330kV) was begun on April 12, 2021.

The construction and dismantling process was monitored by the accredited type A inspection company – Engineering Monitoring Group ltd. There were no deviations from the project during the construction process of the electricity transmission line GARDABANI 1,2 (330 kV).

The double-chain electricity transmission line (GARDABANI-1 and GARDABANI- 2) was successfully tested under the voltage for 72 hours; no remarks were made.

The process of construction of the new transmission line was over on May 30, 2022 and GARDABANI-1 (330kV) was incorporated into the energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The dismantling works of the existing line GARDABANI (330kV) was completed on July 21, 2022.

Currently all the necessary documentation has been properad to submit to the

LEPL “Technical and Construction Supervision Agency” for the commissioning of 330 kV transmission lines “GARDABANI-1” and “GARDABANI-2”.

The length of the transmission line GARDABANI 1,2 comprises 18 504km; 69 towers and 232 km of the wires of AC-300/67 have been arranged; two wires in each chain phase. Double-chain electricity line GARDABANI 1,2 (330kV) is equipped with the optic fiber net on the territories of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The above-mentioned electricity transmission line gives the capacity to exchange about 700mgv of electricity that will significantly increase the stability, reliability and security of Georgian energy system.