A special event is planned to be organized on Georgian-Azerbaijan border in May, 2020. Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, gave a task about the power connection of the new double-circuit transmission line “1,2 GARDABANI) (330 kV) (“GARDABANI- 500” – “AGSTAF”) on Georgia-Azerbaijan border in the first decade of May, 2020. In connection with the above mentioned, two towers N62 and N63 will be installed in the village Kapanakhch, on the territory adjacent to the Red Bridge border zone; AC 300/67 type conductor with 12 cores must be arranged from the tower N 63 to the tower N158, located in the border zone of Azerbaijan. The length from tower N63 on the territory of Georgia to the tower N158 located on the territory of Azerbaijan comprises 460m.
In order to perform the planned operations, an agreement was concluded with metal construction plant of Krasnodar on purchase of two angular towers of type Y330-3+9 on March 19, 2020. The towers were provided on April 13. The foundations have been purchased from Gori iron-concrete plant and the conductors – purchased from Sakkabel. In total the lengths of 10 600m conductor of AC300/67 type is required to be arranged from the tower N 158 of double-circuit transmission line “1,2 GARDABANI” (300kV)(Azerbaijan) to tower N63 (the territory of Georgia). The towers are numbered from Georgia-Azerbaijan border to the direction of “GARDABANI – 500”.
By the moment the foundations of the towers N 62 and N63 have already been arranged and the tower N63 is being assembled. The process will presumably be over by May 10, 2020.
45 employees and 24 special vehicles of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO are engaged in the process of construction. The work is performed by the representatives of Tbilisi Exploitation-Repair unit and Transport office. Andro Tskhadadze, the Exploitation and Construction manager of transmission lines of Western Georgia, is coordinating and monitoring the construction work. Iuri Nadiradze, the head of the Construction and Design group, is observing the process of project implementation.
Feliks Djanashia, the head of the Labor Safety office, is observing the security measures during the work. He also ensures the implementation of the recommendations issued by the Ministry of the IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs, regarding the basic protective measures against the spread of the new Coronavirus