In the scope of 10-year development plan for the electricity transmission lines, special construction and installation operations are conducted on the two-circuit transmission line “1, 2 GARDABANI” (330kV) as well as the dismantling of the existing transmission line GARDABANI (330kV).  The project envisaged the reconstruction work on the transmission line ALAVERDI (ALAVERDI – 3) (220 kV) owned by Georgian State Electrosystem. The work included arrangement of wires and installation of the three new towers in the section between the towers N17-N19. The reconstruction of the transmission line ALAVERDI (220kV) was required to support the vertical dimension within the intersection of the towers N17-N19 and N17-N19a with 1,2 GARDABANI (330kV).

In addition, two towers of У220-3 type, N17a and N17b, were installed in the reconstruction section of ALAVERDI (220kV) and instead of the intermediate tower N18 (П220-3 type) there was arranged a new У220-1-14 type of angular one. Due to the reconstruction work planned for future, АС-400/51 of wire were arranged in the span between the towers N17-N19. 

The reconstruction activities on the electricity transmission line ALAVERDI (220kV) were conducted within the period of time from May 17 to 24, 2022. The process was completed by ENERGOY, the contractor company of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO. The reconstruction work was performed in full capacity and with high-quality.