In coordination with the National Dispatcher Center,  Electricity Transmission Line KAVKASIONI (500kV) will be under repair from August 5 to 31, 2020. The repair work defined under the business plan of the company will be performed on the sections of KAVKASIONI on the territory of Georgia as well as Russia.

The following activities will be carried out within the above mentioned period of time: the replace of damaged isolators and line accessories, repair of damaged conductors, ascending inspection of the territory, the reconstruction of the roads to towers, the towers will be equipped with missing angles and nut bolts, cutting down work between the spans of the towers, as well as other type of operations not envisaged under the business plan but required for the safe and reliable operation of the transmission line.

Besides, for the maintenance of the sustainability of the angular towers N176 and N225 some brace strengthening work will also be performed in the section of KAVKASIONI on the territory of Kodori Gorge.