In coordination with the National Dispatcher Center, IMERETI, 500kV electricity transmission line, was put under repair from October 2 to October 7, 2018. The following operations were performed during the mentioned period of time: the replace of the broken insulators and crossbars, the worn line elements and conductors damaged in bights, the ascending inspection.

It must be noted that IMERETI have been put under repair from March 23 to April 5 as well. During the mentioned period of time, the dirty and corrosive insulators have been replaced in the holding garlands of the 169 middle towers.

In June, 2018, the level of the water in Engurhesi was significantly increased that required the restriction of aggregates of Engurhesi and high load on IMERETI. Correspondingly, the thermal inspection of the temperature state of the connection spots of the conductors was carried out.  As a result of it there were revealed hot spots in the tower bights and the thermal connections: N189 (960C), N305 (1080C), N341 (700C) and N363 (1000C); It was improved in October.

Considering the great volume of the work and limited period of the transmission line for being under repair, the employees of Tbilisi Exploitation-Repair and Transport Services together with the personnel of Tsalenjikha and Zestaphoni Exploitation-Repair offices of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES were mobilized on the work.

Andro Tskhadadze, the Exploitation and Construction Manager of the Electricity Transmission Lines of Western Georgia, was monitoring and coordinating the rehabilitation work. Feliks Djanashia, the Head of the Technical Security Department and Demur Buadze, the deputy head of the Department, were observing the security measures on the location.

In total, 41 employees and 18 special vehicles of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES were mobilized on the repair work carried out on IMERETI 500 kV.

As a result of the performed repair work the stability and the reliability of the transmission line has been significantly increased that is too relevant for the whole energy system of Georgia in the forthcoming autumn-winter season and spring floods.