Electric transmission line Adjara (220kV) connects Georgian and Turkish energy systems and it is mainly operating in a deadlock regime (electrical substations “Batumi 220”, “Khopa”). The ultimate load of the electric transmission line comprises 150mw and the lengths – 30km, 12.3km of the total line is on the territory of Georgia.

Electric transmission line Adjara (220kV) was put under repair from November 12 to November 18, 2017. Broken and dirty isolators were replaced on the line, thermo combinations of the wires were conducted in loops of the tower N1 and the holes between the tower base and groundwork were filled with steel plates.

Besides the above mentioned, special anticorrosion activities were conducted at lower sections of the electric transmission line, the road along the line were completely cut, etc.

As a result of the performed activities the maximal capacity of the electricity supply in Autumn-Winter period has been considerably increased.