In agreement with national dispatch center of Georgia repair works took place on 500Kw electric transmission line Kartli2 from April 20, 2023 up to May 2. During the period of repair wast majority of works, provided in the 2023 Business plan of Sakrusenergo has been done, replacement of dirty and defective insulators, installation of vibration dampers, shock absorbers and protective screens, straightening of clamps, repair of damaged wires in loops and bars, bulldozers access to masts and restoration of temporary roads among them. Elevation inspection of individual sections, dismantling and replacement of AC-400/93 brand damaged cable in N179-N180 anchoring shaft of the transmission line, replacement of both protective corrode wires in N194-N204 anchoring shafts with new ones. Urgent works were also performed on the N60 mast of the power station, where the damaged wires of the A & C phases were replaced in the loops, in the N106-N107 mall. In August of the current year, performing of the remaining works provided in the business plan will be possible in cooperation with national dispatch center. Along with the staff of Zestafoni & Khashuri divisions personnel of Tbilisi and Tsalenjika were mobilized for above mentioned works. During the period of Kartli2 being under repair, the progress of the works was coordinated and monitored by Mr. Andro Tskhadadze, the manager of the operation and construction of the western Georgian and Mr. Vakhtang kikvadze, the manager of operations and construction of the Eastern Georgia. Mr. Felix Janashia, the head of the labor safety service, and Mr. Demur Buadze, deputy head of the same unit, supervised the safety production of works by the staff.

Mr. Guram Javshanashvili & Mr. Nikoloz Kipshidze, deputy heads of the transportation service, ensured smooth operation of transport and special equipment. As a result of the works performed during the repair period the reliability of the transmission line was significantly increased, which is very important for the sustainability and safe functioning of the energy system, as well as for the successful passage of the upcoming spring and summer flood season.