Experience has shown that while working with old and rented equipment, the most of time was spent on repairing this equipment. In order to ensure that the company’s activities were effective and more efficient during the period when the power line was shut down, a decision was made to purchase new equipment. The company currently owns:

5 SUVs at the base of “Kamaz”;

4 SUVs on the basis of “Gaz-66”;

2 SUVs self-propelled grenades at the base of “Kamaz”;

3 SUVs manipulators on the basis of “Kamaz”;

3 SUVs crane-baskets on the basis of “Kamaz”;

35 ton “Liber” cargo truck;

16 and 25 ton trucks on the basis of “Kamaz”;

Kamatsu bulldozer;

D-8 modification bulldozer “Caterpillar”;

4 units 428F type bulldozer-loader “Caterpillar”;

Excavator “Kamatsu” D220;

60-ton load-bearing bulldozer trailers, respectively, at Mazi and Mani bases;

15 modern pickups;

4 passenger-truck minibuses.

This equipment is equipped with the appropriate parameters of the bars, which are necessary for the repair or installation of the power line.