Georgian Law on Labor Safety entered into force on March 21, 2018. Under the law the employer is obliged to staff the labor safety office with qualified personnel having completed the correspondent accredited program.

In accordance with the mentioned regulations an employer should identify hazard containing factors and evaluate the risks; work out Labor Safety policy document; protect employees from mechanical, physical, chemical, biological, ecological and other type of threats; register, monitor and control the cases of professional diseases and accidents on workplace.

To follow the regulations defined under the Law on Labor Safety, the employees of the Labor Safety and Technical Office of JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO as well as the exploitation and construction managers of power supply lines (12 employee) completed British International Certificate Course on Labor Safety – IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) – “Manage safely”.

The leadership of the company responsible for the management of labor safety issues is also planned to complete the mentioned course.

Labor Safety Policy at SAKRUSENERGO

JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO consistently acts and performs the safe exploitation, construction and service of power supply lines under team principle and system approach; the company cares about labor safety of the employees and prevents threats and access risks to the employees as well as to the part of the society that may be connected with the workplace;

 The company ensures the following aspects:

  • Create labor safety conditions for employees;
  • Protects health and life of employees;
  • Prevents professional diseases to personnel;
  • Avoid industrial trauma;
  • Follow the regulations and existing norms defined in labor safety field;

For creation of labor safety atmosphere, the company will perform the following measures:


  • Evaluate the risks regarding the defined work;
  • Considering the existing hazards the company will define the basic risks;
  • Design rational, practical controlling operations and involve the employees responsible for the task;
  • Investigate the incidents and organize special educational lessons;
  • Provide and encourage the engagement of the employees in labour safety activities;
  • Perform the work on the basis of the documention about the labor safety procedures and threat evaluation;
  • Perform the systematic monitoring of labor safety cycle and present the upgrade plan;
  • Work out acting plan for emergency situation and present it to the employees;
  • Provide employees with the equipments of personal protection;
  • Organize periodical medical examinations for employees;
  • Provide the insurance for accicents;

Provide the suspension of any type of work process in case of existing any uncontrolled hazard