In 2006 Intergovernmental commission meeting was held between Georgian & Armenian states, where the decision about construction of new 400kV electric transmission line was made.  The new substation will connect “Ksani-500” with Razdan Thermal power plant. This plan included to use 75km of existing 500kV “Mukhrani” transmission line, up to N42 power tower.

The project also included:

  • The installation of 500/400kV; 800MW power transformer & 400 kV special space;
  • The rehabilitation of 500kV Mukhrani (from N42 power tower up to Ksani-500) 75km.
  • The construction of new (18km) transmission line – from N42 power tower to Georgia-Armenian border;
  • The construction of new (42km) 400kV transmission line, from Georgia-Armenian border to 330kV transmission line to “Atharbekianska” (Armenia);
  • The rehabilitation of 330kV “Atharbekianska” line converting it into 400kV (66km);
  • The construction of new 400kV transmission line from “Atharbekianska” to Razdan thermal power plant (12km);
  • Creation of 400kV special space at Razdan thermal power plant.

Out of above mentioned project, only rehabilitation of 500kV “Mukhrani” transmission line is conducted so far.

Georgian & Armenian governments made joint decision to change the direction of transmission line (on Armenian soil) and connect it with Aurum instead of Razdan thermal power plant. According to the decision Georgian side is responsible for construction of 500kV transmission line “Marneuli-Aurum” (from Mukhrani N42 power tower to Georgia-Armenian border, 18km) while Armenia is responsible for construction of 10km section of the line starting from the border up to Aurum. First stage of this works include construction of 350, second 700 & third 1050MW of capacity.  Based on the “phixtner” recommendation, on the third stage it would be necessary to replace the existing  АС330/43 conductor with ASR400 (АС400/51) between 500kV “Mukhrani” and N42 power tower, Which will lead to the reconstruction of this section and the need to replace the installed 51 pieces of PB-500-5n type reinforced concrete intermediate masts with metal masts. According to 10 year development plan (2015-2025) of Georgian transmission lines, the project named “Marneuli” included the increasement of reliability of power supply in Easter Georgia as well as expansion of energy transit from Russia, Armenia and Iran.

The project also included:

  • The creation of 500kV substation at “Marneuli-500”;
  • Connection of 500kV “Mukhrani” & 500kV “Marneuli”;
  • Connection of 500kV transmission line “Vardzia” & substation “Marneuli-500”;
  • The installation of 500/222kV Voltage & 500MW capacity transformers in substation “Marneuli”;
  • The installation of 180 (3×60) MW capacity reactor in substation “Ksani-500”;
  • The installation of 160+20MW capacity regulator reactor in substation “Marneuli-500”;
  • The construction of 500kV transmission line “Marneuli-Aurum” from substation “Marneuli-500” to the direction of Armenia, up to substation “Aurum”. The length of the line (on Georgian soil) is 37km.

The reasonability of the project was studied by the consulting company fichtner and was estimated as high flexibility and reliability. In addition, it was concluded that the project will raise the integrity of Hydroelectric stations by 50mw, increases Throughput by (in regular & emergency cases) 700/800mw and decrease the power losses by 1mw.

In the scope of above-mentioned project JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO was obliged to connect existing 500kV MUKHRANI with MARNEULI-500 as well as to build 500kV transmission line MARNEULI-AURUM, where:

  • In 2016, 500kV MUKHRANI was connected with 500kV MARNEULI. The connection line of substations KSANI-500 & MARNEULI-500 was called ASSURETI;
  • In 2017, the working project of 500kV MARNEULI-AURUM was elaborated, which passed the Levan Samkharauli national forensics bureau test;
  • In 2019, 500kV MUKHRANI’s N109 & N42 (18km section) was connected with substation MARNEULI-500.

Substation MARNEULI-500, through MARNEULI-AURUM transmission line, will connect with substation AURUM, that will create a possibility to connect with RAZDAN thermal power plant and further to Iran direction by the Double-chain 400 kWh, which in turn will dramatically raise the exchange of capacity between Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. With the transmission line, it will be possible to export excess electricity generated by Georgia to neighboring countries in summer, and to participate significantly in filling the energy system deficit in winter, which will significantly increase the reliability of Georgia’s electricity supply and transmission network.