500kV transmission line Mukhrani Valley is connecting line between Georgian & Azerbaijan energy systems, which (on Georgian soil) includes the area between 500kV line Mukhrani’s N1-N36/1 power tower (9.8km – owned by the JSC UES Sakrusenergo) and newly constructed area between Mukhrani N36/1 tower and Gardabani 500 (9.7km line, owned by the GES). The line entered into operation in 2016 and connects substations Gardabani 500 & Samukh (Azerbaijan). The limited load of the line is 700MW and total length is 182.3km, equipped with modern fiber cable.

By the construction of above-mentioned line, the durability and reliability of Georgian energy system was significantly raised as well as the volume of electricity exchange with Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries.

It should be outlined that up to 2011 the area between 500kV Mukhrani Valley’s towers N1-N36 was robbed and it became necessary to purchase several metal towers and the large number of supplementary equipment.