On June 5 at 12:00, the emergency shutdown of the high voltage line of 500 kV of “Imereti” was recorded. According to indications of protection devices the place of damage was at distance of 120 kilometers from Enguri HD, and at distance of 15 km. from substation “Zestafoni 500”.

Brigades of Tsalendjikha and Zestafony repair-operation plots of JSC UES “Sakrusenergo” to full structures were mobilized to object for detection a place and the reasons of shutdown.

14:20 the place of damage of the high voltage line of 500 kV of “Imereti” was revealed. The reason of an emergency shutdown was damage of the repair coupling of one cable in a phase “B”. The staff of above-mentioned crews of ROP throughout the day carried out hard recovery work

At this time recovery work is complete. The damaged site is completely restored and the power line of 500 kV of “Imereti” works uninterrupted, full loading.

The top management of JSC UES “Sakrusenergo” is grateful to all the company’s technical staff for their work .