Yesterday at 22:30 outage occurs 500 kV “Imereti” and 220 kV “Kolkhida-2.” Also damaged power line “Paliastomi-1.”

The full structure of the JSC „Sakrusenergo”and the Organization management during the night identified location and the damage reasons.

To 7 o’clock in the morning the damage center in the territory  of the Didi Chkoni was found.  As a result of primary survey the presumable reason of damage caused by adverse weather conditions is established, is more exact a lightning.

At now accident elimination iscarried out, in hard recovery work all technical staff of JSC “Sakrusenergo” and special equipment are connected. Restoration work completed by the end of the day, the population will receive additional information on this occasion. We regret, that as a result of the above damage, the capital and considerable part of the country during certain time didn’t receive the electric power.  At this stage Tbilisi and all Georgia is completely supplied with the electric power – the system works with full loading.