Electricity Transmission Line Gardabani (330kV) is connecting the energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan. It was set up in 1958. It is connecting the substations “Gardabani – 500” and “Agstapha”. The length of the transmission line is 64km, 21.1km out of it is on the territory of Georgia. The total load comprises 50 mw. The power line incorporates 60 towers on the territory of Georgia and the steel-aluminum conductors of АСО 480 type are installed there.

Today due to the technical condition of the power lines it is necessary to replace them as they are corroded. Considering the expiration date, the conductors also require to be changed. For the further renovation of the power lines all the towers and conductors should be replaced.

The meetings about the reconstruction of the power line Gardabani 330kV were organized with the participation of the representatives of JSC Azerenergy, JSC Georgian State Electrosystem and JSC UES Sakrusenergo in Baku and Tbilisi in 2019. It was said that the process of construction of a new double-circuit transmission line “1,2 Gardabani” with the use of conductors of 2xАС300/39 type on the territory of Azerbaijan (42km) was over.

Power Lines Development Plans for 2019-2029 and 2020-2030 envisage the reconstruction of power line “Gardabani-Agstapa” 330kV (Gardabani 330kV) owned by the company. JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO will perform the mentioned project and it is considered to be the owner of the double-circuit power line “1,2 Gardabani” 330kV.

In connection with it, in 2019 the design-construction group of the company worked out documentation about the project expenditure that was examined by the LEPL Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau.

Under the project the cost of the construction of a new power line (including the deconstruction of the existing transmission line Gardabani 330kV) comprises Gel 34 832 mln including VAT.

According to the tripartite agreement, concluded between JSC Georgian State Electrosystem, JSC UES Sakrusenergo and JSC Azerenergy, the date for the construction and testing of the power line was defined – September, 2021.

The reconstruction of the power line Gardabani 330kV with the arrangement of correspondent infrastructure together with transmission line Mukhrany Valley 500kV will increase the capacity from 700 to 1000mw and reliability of operation of energy systems between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia in a synchronous regime.

Within the framework of the mentioned project, under the task given by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia in 2020, JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO installed two towers (each 32t) of У330-2+9 type of the double-circuit transmission line “1,2 Gardabani” 330 kV in border zone of Georgia-Azerbaijan, on the territory of Georgia. The company also performed the switching work of conductors (type АС300/67, total length 12km) and optic-fiber cables in Georgia-Azerbaijan border section.

It must be mentioned that all the operations at the double-circuit power line “1,2 Gardabani” 330kV in the border section of Georgia and Azerbaijan were fully performed by the employees of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO.