In coordination with the National Dispatcher Center, the repair work has been launched on KAVKASIONI (500kV) since August 6, 2019. During the mentioned period of time the following repair activities have been performed on the electricity transmission line: the replace of the broken insulators and depreciated line accessories, the repair of the damaged conductors, the restoration of the pathways to the towers, cleansing the territory from plants and bushes, etc. Within the framework of the planned activities, the operation of moving the deformed leg of the Phase A of the tower N 143 was over by August 16, 2019.

Tower N 143 of the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI (500kV) is located in Mestia municipality, in 21km distance from the village Chuberi to Kodori gorge. N 143 tower of KAVKASIONI is У2С2 type, the leg foundation of the phase “A” was damaged as a result of the surface, the slope waters. The mentioned process caused the movement and the deformation of the leg.  On the basis of the geological examination it was recommended to transfer the leg to a safe location. Considering the results of the performed geological and topogeodetic work, a safe location was defined and the leg was installed.

The design work for transferring  he A phase leg of the tower N 143, the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI, was performed by the design and construction group of the company. The employees and the special vehicles of the exploitation-repair office of Tsalenjikha, Tbilisi, Khashuri and the transport department of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO were involved in the repair work. Andro Tskhadadze, the Exploitation and Construction manager of transmission lines of Western Georgia, was coordinating and monitoring the rehabilitation process. Feliks Djanashia, the head of the Labor Security office was observing the security measures during the work.

The electricity transmission line will be under repair till august 31, 2019. The work is performed on the sections of KAVKASIONI on the territory of Georgia and Russia in accordance with the planned capacities and timetable