Rehabilitation process was ongoing on the transmission line Imereti (500kV) from March 23 to April 5, 2018. It envisaged the replace of insulators, line accessories and crossbars, reconstruction of bights and ascending inspection. The rehabilitation process took place in the districts of Zestaphoni and Tsalenjikha, the municipalities of Zestaphoni, Terjola, Tskaltubo, Khoni, Martvili, Chkhorotsku and Tsalenjikha.

The planned operations were conducted with full capacity. The rehabilitation work was performed by the employees of the JSC Sakrusenergo in cooperation with the contractor company. As a result,  5 200 corrosive, polluted and damaged insulators were replaced on 170 intermediate towers; besides, broken insulators, line accessories were replaced on angular towers, crossbars were installed and the conductors were repaired and replaced in bights.

The performance of the above mentioned work is especially important for the prevention of emergency shut-off of transmission line Imereti. It will significantly increase the reliability and safety of the transmission line in the forthcoming flood season that will guarantee the stability of electricity system of Georgia.