In the framework of the ten-year plan of electricity line development approved by the government of Georgia, UES JSC SAKRUSENERGO performed the connection of the section between the towers N110-N283 of electricity transmission line MUKHRANI (500kV) with the substation MARNEULI – 500 in 2016. The transmission line connecting the substations Ksani – 500 and Marneuli – 500 was called ASURETI. The length of the new transmission line comprised 56 km.

Due to the location of the ASURETI (500kV) in a complicated relief and meteorological area the power outage was quite frequent in winter and spring. Accidental power failures were posed in a windy weather with the connection of the wires of middle and edge phase with tower body.

Considering the mentioned, the decision was made about the reconstruction of the towers of P2 type located in a complicated climate area: arrange of the wires of middle phase of the towers №260, №262 and №263 with the V-shaped garlands and cargo.

In coordination with the National Dispatching Center, ASURETI will be under repair from August 29, 2018 to September 16, 2018. Besides the planned reconstruction activities, the following operations will be performed: the replace of the inflected and damaged iron-concrete tower of №140, ПБ-500 type, with the metal tower of ПБ-4 type, the correction of the inflected iron-concrete towers №141, №142, №143, №144, the replace of the broken insulators, ascending inspection and other type of repair activities.

The personnel of the transport and exploitation-repair office of Tbilisi and Khashuri will perform the repair work on electricity transmission line ASURETI (500kV). Vakhtang Dzagnidze, the head of Tbilisi exploitation-repair office, will monitor and coordinate the repair work. Feliks Djanashia, the head of the Technical Security Department, will monitor the security measures on the place. Guram Djavshanashvili, the head of the Transport Department will coordinate the uninterrupted operation of techniques and transport on the site.

50 employees and 20 special vehicles of the UES JSC SAKRUSENERGO are mobilized during the rehabilitation process conducted on ASURETI.

As a result of the performed repair work the stability and the reliability of the transmission line will be significantly increased that is too relevant for the successful operation of the transmission line in the forthcoming autumn and winter and for the continuous electricity supply.