Today the leadership of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO has viewed the rehabilitation process ongoing on Electricity Transmission Line KARTLI 1 (500kV). In coordination with the national dispatching center KARTLI 1 has been placed under the repair from June 17 to July 1, 2018. The repair work defined under the business plan will be performed on the line during the mentioned period of time, including the replace of the damaged line of АС400/51 type of about 10km, comprising great quantity of repair binders and bandages. It was considered to be a priority as the emergency shut-off occurred on the electricity line in summer periods of 2014 and 2015 that was caused by the disconnection of the wires at the electricity transmission line IMERETI at a load of 700mw.

The personnel of the transport and exploitation-repair offices of Tbilisi and Kashuri will perform the rehabilitation process of KARTLI 1 (500kV). Andro Tskhadadze, the Exploitation and Construction Manager of Electricity Transmission Lines of Western Georgia, will monitor and coordinate the repair work. Feliks Djanashia, the Head of the Technical Security Department, will monitor the security measures on the place.

In total, the following operations will be performed on KARTLI 1 (500kV):

  • Replace of the damaged 10 km wire of АС400/51 type with a new one;
  • Replace of 450 dirty and damaged isolators;
  • Installation of 4 sets of equaling screen on 3 towers;
  • Installation of 75 sets of discharging equipments on earth wire;
  • Installation of 147 individual ties of wires on 7 towers;
  • Ascending inspection on the whole section of electricity transmission line.

Considering the existing deadlines, the contractor company will perform the rehabilitation process, including the replace of about 8 km damaged wire and the dirty isolators on 7 towers.

In case of necessity other unplanned activities may be required.

34 employees and 14 special vehicles of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO are mobilized during the rehabilitation process conducted on KARTLI 1; In addition, 28 employee and 10 special vehicles of the contractor company.

As a result of the performed repair work the stability and the reliability of the transmission line will be significantly increased that is too relevant in the forthcoming flood season and for successful operation of the transmission line in autumn and winter.