By the end of January, 2024, conductor damage was reported in the span N184-N185 of the transmission line KAVKASIONI, passing through the Kodori Gorge. One cable of the middle phase turned out to be broken. It was dropped and buried in the snow.

Due to heavy snow and bad weather, it was possible to perform repair work until February 22, 2024. Iuri Nadiradze, the head of Design and Construction Department of JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO and Tengiz Mikava, the foreman of Tsalenjikha Exploitation-Repair office together with the employees of SAKRUSENERGO and CHERNOMORENGO residing in the Kodori gorge, visited the site.

The repair work was conducted in the extreme environmental conditions, in heavy snow and frost. Despite the unfavorable conditions for performing the work, the process was completed in the shortest period of time and with high quality.