The Vice-Premier/Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze, Director General of JSC “Sakrusenergo” Romeo Mikautadze, representatives of the government and the power companies visited the current rehabilitation works on the 330 kV transmission line “Gardabani”. Rehabilitation works were carried out to two stages.

At the first phase the repair work including replacement of porcelain insulators with glass insulators, and also replacement of the damaged and contaminated insulators. In total about 1500 insulators were replaced.

At the moment on the transmission line 330 kV of “Gardabani” the repair works including replacement of porcelain insulators glass on the transmission line portal of 330 kV of “Gardabani” »/St “Gardabani-500” is carried out. In total 130 insulators were replaced.

As a result of the carried-out works significantly will be improved the reliability, stability of the transmission line, that will promote a safe and uninterrupted overflow of the electric power between the two countries, by means of what, in case of need, will be possible to transfer power to one billion kw / h more.

After touring the 330 kV “Gardabani”, the Vice-Premier/Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze visited the main office of JSC UES “Sakrusenergo”,  where mister Romeo Mikautadze provided the report of the carried-out works for the last 2 (two) years and acquainted with future plans.