According to the plan-schedule agreed with the Georgian National Dispatch Center, 500 Kw ASSURETI has been under reconstruction since September 13, 2021 and the works envisaged by the business plan are underway. The transmission line will be under reconstruction up to September 30.

During the mentioned period, the clamps between the wires N252-N253 & N260-N261 of the transmission line ASSURETI will be pressed, damaged wires in N254-N255-N256 will be replaced. Restoration and tree-clearing works and high-level inspection will be carried out, defective insulators will be replaced. It is also planned to expand the side dimension by pruning the trees. In the area around the village Pantiani, in the section between the transmission line N208-N218 towers, a bulldozers and excavators will be used to restore the temporary access roads and clear the ridges from emerging plants. Eliminate newly discovered defects if which will be necessary for the reliable and safe operation of the transmission line. The repair works are carried out by the transport service staff together with the staff of Tbilisi & Khashuri divisions. The rehabilitation process will be supervised by the manager of exploitation & construction works, Mr Vakhtang Kikvadze, the safety of the works will be provided and supervised by the head of safety division Mr Felix Janashia, transportation will be provided by the deputy head of transportation division Mr Guram Javshanashvili.

As a result of the works carried out on the transmission line ASSURETI the sustainability of the line and reliability of the Georgian power system will be significantly improved.