In agreement with national dispatch center of Georgia from July 5 to 30 July the rehabilitation works had been conducted on Electric transmission line “Causacioni”. The whole process was executed in accordance with business plan of JSC “Sakrusenergo”.

 According to the mentioned plan the works were carried out on the sections passing through the Kodori gorge and Gali district. On the sections between towers N153 & 236 and N1-N19, respectively. Works included the replacement of damaged and broken insulators and line fittings in Kodori gorge, tree cleanings in on the area of 14 hectare as well as replacement of damaged and deformed angels on N229 mast.

The foundations of N5 & N8 towers were reinforced by arranging gabions. Other necessary and urgent works also have been carried out in order to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the transmission line.

The works were performed by the contractor company “New Metal Georgia” LTD and supervised by Yuri Nadiradze (Head of design and construction service of JSC “Sakrusenergo”), Sergo Mikava & Tengiz Mikava (Masters of Tsakenjikha dist).

As a result, the reliability of above sections has increased significantly, which is an important precondition for the normal operation of the line in Autumn-Winter season.