In agreement with national dispatch center transmission line Kartli-1 (500kV) was under repair  from April 26, 2022 to May 10. During the above-mentioned period both repair and reconstruction works have been done.

The following operations have been performed in the scope of the reconstruction work: ascending inspection of the line, installation on the damaged areas, replacement of the broken insulators and cracks; the bird nests were removed and the land was bulldozed in order to increase it in size, access road to the towers were also restored. Pruning was carried out around the tower and in the ravines to clear the plants as well as other defects were eliminated.

The repair works have been done by the staff of JSC Sakrusenergo’s Tbilisi District and transportation services. The transmission line Kartli-1 was launched on May 10.

During the reconstruction of transmission line Kartli-1 in order to protect vertical dimension, double chain 330kV was reconstructed between the portal and N3 towers. The works included dismantling of N1 (U2+5 types) and N2 (U2 type) towers and installation of U2 + 12 types towers instead. After the completion of the reconstruction works, 330kVGardabani wires were also installed under the wires between N1 & N2 towers of the transmission line Kartli-1. Reconstruction on transmission line was performed by the contractor company “Energon” which has already installed 69 towers out of 74, as well as cable in 29 spans within 330Kw Gardabani project.

The overall completion and connection to the network of the double chain 330kV transmission line is expected by the middle of June.