In agreement with the National Dispatcher Center of Georgian State Electrosystem electricity transmission line IMERETI (500kV) was declared under repair from November 01 to 25, 2022.

Repair work envisaged under the business plan 2022 defined by JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO will be performed within the mentioned period of time. The work includes: replacement of the broken insulators and crossbars, worn-out line accessories, conductors damaged in the bights; restoration of the passes to the towers and the distances between the wires and the ground in the spans of the transmission lines N339-N340 and N311-N312 with the use of heavy techniques; in case of necessity other type of urgent repair activities as well.

The contractor company New Metal Georgia will perform reconstruction work regarding the replacement of intermediate towers N335; N336; N337 of P2 type between the towers N330-N340 with the angular towers (У2к+5) and the replacement of the damaged wires of the three phases between the towers N328-N329.

The A type inspection body Engineering Monitoring Group is monitoring the reconstruction work in the N330-N340 anchorage span of the transmission line IMERETI.

Guram Djavshanashvili, the deputy head of the Transport department, will provide the smooth operation of heavy techniques and fuel supply during the reconstruction period of time.

Felix Djanashia, the head of the Labor Safety office, the deputy head Demur Buadze and the chief specialist Ioseb Oboladze monitor the safe operation of the staff on the site.

Andro Tskhadadze, the Construction of Exploitation Manager of Electricity Transmission Lines of Western Georgia is coordination and monitoring the repair work.

60 employees and 25 auto and special techniques are mobilized on the repair site.

The leadership of the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO visited the site and monitored the repair and reconstruction process on November 9, 2022.