On March 2017, in the territory of the Russian Federation, in the Zelenchuk region, during the inspection of 500 kV power line  “Kavkasioni” deformation of the corner tower type Y2 (tower number 331, phase B), as well as the movement of all three racks from one to two meters was recorded.

To study the situation in depth, specialists from different areas were involved, who on-site, studied the situation in detail and outlined a plan of action. Experts from the Project Organization from Rostov, OOO “Energo-Yug”, were invited who, as a result of preliminary geological study, established that the support of No. 331 VL 500 kV Kavkasioni due to landslide phenomena had to be relocated. Later, an agreement was concluded with “Energo-Yug” on exploratory design works for the emergency recovery works. The project organization of  Rostov carried out a project of emergency recovery work on the relocation of tower # 331 VL 500 kV “Kavkasioni” from the landslide zone, which implies: the dismantling of two existing poles No. 330 (intermediate, PB-4) and No. 331 (angular U2) and the installation of new towers – № 330a (angular U2k-5) and №331a (angular U2k-12) to a new safe place, far from the landslide zone.

Repair-restoration  works on 500 kV transmission lines “Kavkasioni” began on October 18, 2017 and will be completed by October 28 this year. Works are carried out in accordance with the schedule and 500 kV transmission line “Kavkasioni” will be operational by October 28 of this year.