In coordination with the National Dispatcher Center, the repair work was launched on the electricity transmission line ASURETI (500kV) from October 10 to 27, 2019. During the mentioned period of time the following repair activities were performed on the line: the ascending inspection, the replace of the broken crossbars and the depreciated line accessories of earth wire, the repair of the damaged conductors, the arrangement of bands and scroll binders, the regulation of by-pass bight wires on angular towers, fixing three-side shoulders and protective screens, other type of restoration activities found out during the ascending inspection of the place;  Due to the fact that the electricity transmission line ASURETI is functioning in  a complicated terrain and meteorology area on Didgori ridge and  the wind is strong there, the risk of damaging line accessories and conductors is quite high, especially in winter and in spring when the wind is strong and the connection of conductors of P2 type with the tower body caused shutdowns.  The above-mentioned problem was settled in 2018 when the garlands of middle phase conductors were arranged in V manner.

The employees of Tbilisi and Khashuri Exploitation-Repair offices and Transport department were involved in the repair work. 10 units of special vehicles are mobilized on the place.

Vakhtang Kikvadze, the Exploitation and Construction Manager of the Electricity Transmission Lines in East Georgia, is coordination and monitoring the rehabilitation process. Felix Janashia, the head of the Labor Security Office is monitoring the security measures during the repair work.

As a result of the performed repair work the reliability and stability of the transmission line will be increased and it is vital in upcoming autumn-winter period and for interrupted power supply.