Repair work envisaged under the business plan 2022 of JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO were carried out on transmission line ASURETI (500kV), including: ascending inspection of the sections between the transmission lines, repair of the damaged wires, installation of the missing discharge horns on protective wires, etc. Urgent necessary work discovered while ascending inspection were also performed, including: replacement of damaged insulators of B

Phase of У2 type angular tower N256, C Phase of tower N245 (У2С2 type) and B and C phases of the tower N242 (У2к+5-type).

Considering the volume of the repair work the activities were performed by the employees of Tbilisi and Khashuri Exploitation-Repair offices as well as Transport department.

The process was coordinated by the Construction and Exploitation Manager of transmission lines of Easter Georgia, Vakhtang Kikvadze; Felix Janashia, the head of the Labor Safety office, will monitor the working process.

As a result of the performed repair work the reliability and stability of the transmission line has been significantly increased which is relevant for the successful passage of the upcoming autumn-winter period and for the uninterrupted electricity supply to the population.