Under the plan-schedule of repair works of electricity transmission lines of JSC SAKRUSENERGO, transmission line IMERETI (500kV) was to be declared under repair from May 4 to 18, 2021.

Due to the ongoing large-scale repair work on Engurhesi (Enguri HPP), it has become possible to perform the planned repair work on IMERETI transmission line.

In agreement with the National Dispatcher center of Georgia, IMERETI (500kV) was declared under repair on February 9, 2021. The reconstruction activities can last till the beginning of May. The following operations will be carried out on the transmission line: the replace of broken insulators, worn line accessories, broken crossbars, the damaged conductors; installation of vibrate-dampers and discharge horns, correction of the bent garlands, dimension restoration of the spans N230-231 by cutting the ground, repair of the damaged wires in the loops, restoration of the thunder-protective belt loops and other type of activities required for the safe operation of the electricity transmission line.

Special anticorrosive work will be carried out by the contractor company on the towers №21, 22, 26÷30, 115÷117, 119÷121, 123÷127, 130÷13 of IMERETI. It is the section passing the municipalities of Tsalenjikha, Chkhorotsku and Martvili.

The personnel of Transport Service together with the staff of Zestaphoni and Tsalenjikha operation-repair units, are involved in the repair work. Special techniques are also mobilized there. As a result of the repair work, the reliability of the transmission line IMERETI (500 kV) will be significantly increased that is vital for the continuous transmission of electricity during the upcoming floods.