In agreement with the National Dispatcher Center of Georgia, KAVKASIONI (500kV) was declared under repair on July 05, 2021. The repair work lasted till July 30, 2021. The service-repair activities were performed on the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI in accordance with the business plan 2021 defined by JSC SAKRUSENERGO. The repair work was conducted on the territory of Georgia and Russian Federation as well.

The rehabilitation activities included: the replace of the damaged and broken insulators and line accessories, the damaged conductors were replaced and restored in bights and spans, installation of crossbars, discharger horns and vibration suppressor.  The towers N78 and N79 of the transmission line were strengthened with the installation of the additional pulling cables. The damaged and deformed angels were replaced on the tower N 229. The routes adjacent to the transmission line on the territory of Georgia and Russian federation were cleaned from plans, in total 120ha area.

By the moment the foundations of the towers N5 and N8 of the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI are reinforced with the arrangement of gabions. All the above-mentioned operations are required for the safe and reliable operation of the transmission line.

The rehabilitation work performed on the transmission line in 2021 is too relevant for the proper and secured functioning of KAVKASIONI in autumn and winter periods.