In coordination with the National Dispatcher Center, Electricity Transmission Line KAVKASIONI (500kV) was under repair from August 5 to 31, 2020. The repair operations included the sections of KAVKASIONI on the territory of Georgia as well as Russian Federation.
The following operations were performed within the mentioned period of time: the repair of the damaged conductors, the replace of the broken isolators, reinforcement of the tower leg with additional guy-ropes, the reconstruction of the roads to towers, the cutting down work between the spans of the towers, ascending inspection of the territory;
By the moment, the process of reinforcement of tower legs (N54 and N59) with the arrangement of gabions is ongoing there. The arrangement of gabions is also planned on the route to the tower N 53 of KAVKASIONI. The repair work is performed by the employed personnel of UES JSC SAKRUSENERGO and the contractor company Electrokselmsheni ltd. The completion of the work is expected in October, 2020.
The cutting down work on the area adjacent to the towers of Kavkasioni incorporated about 125 ha, including 103 ha – on the territory of Russian Federation.
Besides, the dimension increase work was carried out on the spin N170-N171 on the section of the line in Kodori Gorge and the damaged bight tube of phase A of the tower N 251 was restored. The rehabilitation work in Kodori gorge was performed by the contractor company New Metal-Georgia ltd.
As a result of the rehabilitation work conducted on the Electricity Transmission Line KAVKASIONI, reliability and stability of the line have been significantly increased that is a good precondition for the successful passage of Autumn-Winter season.