Gardabani (330 kV) is an interstate electric transmission line that provides the operation of energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan in a parallel regime and ensures the reliability and stability of our energy system.  By the moment Georgian energy system is operating with Russian energy system in a parallel regime by the transmission line Kavkasioni (500kV). Considering the mentioned transmission line Gardabani (330 kV) is in reserve.

Gardabani (330 kV) should have been placed under repair from June 4 to 9, 2018.

According to National Dispatch Center, the rehabilitation process on Gardabani (330kV) and crossing transmission lines 500 kV, 220 kV and 10kV could be launched from April 23 to 28, 2018, as the process requires the switching off the transmission line.

The rehabilitation work will be performed by the employees of Tbilisi Repair-Construction and Transport offices and  the activities will be conducted  in the municipalities of Marneuli and Gardabani. In total about 30 person and 10 special vehicles will be applied in the process.

Vakhtang Kikvadze, the Construction and Exploitation Manager of Transmission Lines of East Georgia, will coordinate and monitor the process of rehabilitation. Feliks Janashia, the head of Safety Technique Service, will control and monitor the safety issues on the place.

Within the framework of the rehabilitation process, the operations defined under the plan will be performed on the transmission line Gardabani (330kV), including the replace of the dirty and broken insulators, the strengthening of the open angles through welding, restoration of the locks connecting the angular tower loops, the remove of the nests from the towers, ascending inspection, other emergency operations revealed in the process of rehabilitation.

As a result of the performed work the stability and the reliability of the transmission line will be significantly increased that is too relevant considering the forthcoming flood season.