According to the 2022-2032 ten-year plan for the development of the electricity transmission lines of Georgia, the supply and installation of 4 sets of 133 MWA, 330/220/10,5 kV auto transformers to the substation Gardabani-500 is among the projects to be implemented by the JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO. It is performed in the framework of the Gardabani-Aghstapa (300kV) project.

As it is known in the scope of the mentioned project, the construction of the double-chain transmission line 1,2 Gardabani (330kV) has been completed and it has replaced the existing transmission line Gardabani (330kV) operating since 1958.  Accordingly, a new double-chain transmission line has been constructed with the dispatcher titles Gardabani-1 (330kV) and Gardabani-2 (330kV). In May, 2022, after testing process Gardabani-1 was incorporated in Georgian energy system. Gardabani-2 was also tested; It is currently in reserve and after the installation new AT 3-2 auto transformers to the Gardabani substation, it will be fully incorporated in the energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan; the load will comprise 700MW.

JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO has signed an agreement with the contractor company Bemon Engineering and Construction regarding the supply and installation of a new AT 3-2 transformers to the Gardabani substation. Under the delivery schedule, the supply and the installation process of the 4 sets of auto transformers will be over till the end of 2022. All the technical details related to the supply of the mentioned transformers are agreed with the representatives of the JSC Georgian State Electrosystem.

Currently, the representatives of Georgian State Electrosystem and Sakrusenergo are attending the testing process of the 2 sets of the single-phase transformers at the Plant (ATEF GRUP) in Baku. After the successful completion of the testing process they will be transported to the destination site.

The installation work of the auto transformers at Gardabani substation will be performed by the staff of the State Electrosystem under the monitoring of the representatives of the manufacturing plant.