As we mentioned last year, in the vicinity of the village of Khaishi, Mestia Municipality, erosive events were detected in the area of ​​the 500 kV OHL tower “Caucasus” №54 and N59 towers, which posed a certain threat to the stability of the towers and the transmission line as a whole.

In order to study the processes developed in the area and to elaborate protective measures for the erection of the mentioned towers, the engineering-geological survey of the mentioned area and the surroundings was carried out, which passed the examination at the Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau. Reinforcement works also became necessary on the access road to the N53 tower of the Caucasus, which was washed away by heavy rainfall and endangered the movement of vehicles.

The reinforcement works of the access road to the N54 tower B5 and the N53 tower of the OHL was carried out by JSC Sakrusenergo, and at the N54 tower A phase by the contractor company “Electrokselmsheni” Ltd

A total of 690 m3 of gabions were arranged, including 140 m3 of gabions on the access road to the N53 tower, 190 and 360 m3 of gabions in accordance with the N54 and N59 towers, respectively.

As a result  the sustainability of the transmission line and the reliability of the Georgian power system in the coming winter conditions have been significantly increased.