Due to the construction of double-chain power transmission line 1,2 “Gardabani” in order to protect vertical dimension  it is nessesary to  reconstruct 500, 200 & 110Kw transmission lines. Particularly, the reconstruction works must be provided on 500Kw power transmission line “kartli-1” owned by JSC Sakrusenergo, 220Kw transmission line “Alaverdi” owned by Georgian state electro system and 110Kw transmission line “Marani” owned by Energo-pro Georgia.

In the frame of reconstruction of those power transmission lines, on 14th April, 2022, the works have been done on 110Kw “Marani”, between power towers N25 and N27, which are located on the Gardabani protected area. According to the reconstruction schedule, it was planned to demolish power tower N26 and install new УС110-3 type tower, as well as to renew other elements of wired armature and transmission line.

The reconstruction works have been done in accordance with the agreement N033-10/22 between JSC Sakrusenergo and EnergoPro Georgia, signed on February 2, 2022.

110Kw power transmission line “Marani” is the sole transmission line which supplies the water supply system in the city of Rustavi, that is exactly why it is problematic to put in the repair, accordingly, on April 14 (1030-1830 ) while the line’s repairing works have been in the process, the wiring installations between towers N18-N19 of 330Kw double-chain transmission line have also took place. The full-scale works have been done by the JSC “Energoni”, in the agreed time frame.

JSC UES Sakrusenergo want to express in special gratitude to all the organizations and its management, who were involved in the above-mentioned process and took part in the implementation of this state importance project, which is aimed at the uninterrupted supply of electricity to the population of our country.