One of the basic priorities of the operation of SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES  is to maintain the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI (500 kV) in a proper condition. The transmission line has a strategic importance as it is connecting Georgian and Russian energy systems. This year the repair-rehabilitation activities defined under the business plan of the company were carried out on the whole section of the transmission line. It will contribute to the successful operation of the lines in autumn and winter.

Despite the performed work there still are some problems  related to the absence of some relay protection and line automatics on the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI.

The electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI (500kV) passes through difficult terrain and meteorology areas. Basically, emergency shutdowns on the line are posed with the atmospheric events. By the moment the fact that the transmission line is not equipped with the modern high-speed guards, single and three phase automatic switch devices makes the situation more complicated. The mentioned equipment would support the stable operation of Georgian and Russian energy systems in a parallel regime and increase the reliability of the Engurhesi aggregates as well. The statistics of emergency shutdowns on KAVKASIONI shows that more than 90% shutdowns are single phase short circuits and the above-mentioned prospection and automatic equipment would avoid the three-phase switch-off and disruption of parallel operation mode.

In order to solve the existing problems SAKRUSENERGO JSC UES will purchase fast-acting protection systems from GENERAL ELECTRICS, including damage detection tools, that will have a minimal inaccuracy. It will significantly increase the stability of the transmission line and the reliable operation of Georgia and Russian energy systems in parallel regime.

For continuous functioning, security and reliability of the transmission lines, the company pays great attention not only to the maintenance of the lines in technically proper condition that has been recently significantly improved, but also to the protection of security and sanitary norms to the staff and people residing on the territory adjacent to the transmission lines. It must be noted that the apple of new equipment and techniques has significantly increased the efficiency of the work performed by the company. Despite the cold winter and bad weather no emergency shutdowns caused with the technical failure of the line occurred on transmission lines of the company in 2018 and 2019.