In June, 2018, the water inflow on Enguri River significantly increased the level of Engurhesi reservoir that led to the increase of the electricity load on the Engurhesi and the power transmission lines linked to it; including up to 150 MW on KAVKASIONI (500 kV Electricity Transmission Line) and up to 870 MW on IMERETI (500 kV Electricity Transmission Line). The increased load, hot summer days and high temperature led to maximum load on IMERETI transmission line (500kV).

Considering the above mentioned SAKRUSENERGO launched the process of thermal inspection of line connections on IMERETI transmission line 500 kV on June 26, 2018. The length of the line comprises 127 km and includes 389 towers. As a result of the inspection there were found the following hot spots: N189 (960C), N305 (1080C), N341 (700C) and N363 – (1000C). The mentioned damages required the timely elimination and it could be implemented within a day.

It must be noted that the hot spots (N109 (960C), N160 (900C), N340 (1000C) and N389 (900C)) were found on towers last year as well and they were improved in accordance with the National Dispatch Center.

The device of the type FLIR T640 was used during the thermal inspection of the line connections on IMERETI transmission line.