The following activities defined under the business plan were performed on the section of the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI (500kV) in Kodori gorge  in 2019: the spans 172÷№229 along the transmission line track were cleaned from plants; the broken insulators were replaced in the section between the towers №153-232; the repair of the conductors  in the spans between the towers №214 – №216, №221- №224, №227 – №229 damaged as a result of snow avalanche; the routes to legs №175, 176 and №219 were cleaned; drainage canals were arranged at the foot foundations;

Despite the fact that the insulators on the section of the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI in Kodori Gorge could not be replaced in the amount as it was planned, as a result of the performed work the stability and the reliability of the transmission line was significantly increased.

NewMetal Georgia Ltd, the contractor company, has performed the work on the section of KAVKASIONI in Kodori gorge. Iuri Nadiradze, the head of the design-construction team, Sergo Mikava and Tengiz Mikava, the employees of the Tsalenjikha Repair-Construction district of SAKRUSENERGO, were observing the process.

In 2018, in Tsalenjikha municipality, it was found out that the atmospheric precipitation and snow melting stripped the leg foundation of the Phase C of the N54 tower, the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI (500kV). The above mentioned posed a threat to the stability of the transmission line. It was required to perform special protection measures.

Due to the geodynamic processes developed on the territory of the pylon, the engineer-geology study was carried out to perform special efficient protecting measures.

On the basis of the geological study and conclusion, the design-construction team of JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO has worked out a project of strengthening the C phase leg of the N54 tower of the electricity transmission line KAVKASIONI with gabions.

The process of arrangement of 17 m3 protecting gabions was launched on August 9 and was over on September 25, 2019. The work was performed with the participation of the employees of JSC UES SAKRUSENERGO and invited specialists.

As a result of the performed rehabilitation work the stability of the Georgian energy system and the reliability of its parallel operation with Russian energy system has been significantly increased.